Shopping Center POINT - Banská Bystrica Shopping Centre POINT Banská Bystrica shall be built at the location presently known as Hušťák. In near future this area will become the intersection of the newly-built pedestrian precinct, boulevard and the essential traffic junction.

The shopping centre will become the domain of the town’s central area. It will be located in the busiest yet easily and conveniently accessible part of the municipality.

The investor and designer will attempt to incorporate the project within the existing architecture; it shall become integral part of the exquisite location. We hope the result of our effort will be a very urban, modern, unique and vivid spot which will attract people due to its special design as well as the delicately balanced blend of shops, services and leisure activities.

The project might be viewed as unique because it will fuse express daily shopping needs cover potential with excellent accessibility.
Shopping Center POINT - Banská Bystrica
Architect: Šebo + Lichý architekti,
Investor: OPcentrum s.r.o.,