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Shopping Center POINT - Banská Bystrica

SC POINT Banská Bystrica

The centre of the town of BanskáBystrica is where one will find the historically known location of Lower Plaza (Dolnénámestie). It has been the crossroad of main transportation routes and walking paths for centuries, thus logically serving as the trading spot where renowned craftsmen produced and merchants sold lucrative goods.

Post-war era, the so-called socialism, altered the location irreversibly by pulling the buildings down and by laying tarmac over the plaza. The location has been left in such a poor state until present.

We appreciate the effort and will of BanskáBystrica town representatives to facilitate the renaissance of the location, which the town’s urban plan clearly stipulates. Our company will strive to assist the re-birth of the place, and we would like to bring back to life the natural spirit of the location.

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Space rental - ground floor, 2th floor
Ing. Marek Števonka
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Space rental - 1nd floor
Natália Šultysová
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